This is an archive of the Retroborkenwerk Google Site, which I built from late 2015 until mid-2019.

It covers the following machines and projects:

  • IMSAI 8080 -- restoration of a later model "barn find" IMSAI and disk drives (12/2015-12/2017)
  • PTCO Sol-20 -- restoration of an early Processor Technology Sol-20 (badged as a Sol-10) (7/2017-7/2018)
  • ADM-3A -- restoration of this classic terminal
  • Osborne 1A -- repairing the video output of this groundbreaking "luggable"
  • Apple //c -- memory glitches diagnosed and fixed
  • TRS-80 III -- disk alignment vignette
  • Disk imaging -- a mid-90's PC is used to image disks
  • LOVE.BAS -- running a classic