I started this collection with the aim of documenting my projects to restore, run, and repair microcomputers and related machines from the 1970's and 80's. It's grown to include my interests in creative coding, computational art and design, conservation, the history of computing, and related topics. I post recent work on Twitter -- @ef1j95 -- but here I can stretch out a bit beyond threads of 280 characters.

Projects, creative works, and interests

Creative coding and computational art

Visual, conceptual, and performance works exploring creative coding, type, image processing, and computer art. Each provided an opportunity to craft unique code tools in a variety of languages -- from shell scripts and Python to FORTRAN and C.
  • Punch tape - Works on paper punch tape
  • ASCII art - Images rendered in single-strike and double-strike type
  • Platform studies - Creative coding on a variety of vintage microcomputers
  • PPTWEET - Twitter teleprinter appliance for tweeting and punching tweets to paper tape
  • SNPCAL - Contemporary takes on the fabled Snoopy line printer calendar
  • Pi Prints - Exploring the digits of Pi with simple code and a daisy wheel printer
  • Mandelbrot - ASCII Mandelbrot images, prints, live streams, and limited edition zines
  • Art1 works - My Art1 compositions


Notes and projects in code and material conservation

Restoration and repair

Projects encompassing electronics, mechanics, programming, fabrication and materials science
  • Olivetti TE-318 - Documenting the restoration and operation of an Olivetti TE-318 teleprinter (2018-2021)
  • Teletype Model 33 - Restoration and notes for the Teletype ASR-33 teleprinter (2021-)
  • Printers - Daisy wheel and dot matrix printers (2021-)
  • Retroborkenwerk - My original Google Site covering the IMSAI 8080, Sol-20, disk imaging, and other microcomputer projects and repairs (2016-2019)
  • Thoughts on restoration - Personal history and my objectives when restoring older computers (2018-2021)

Online resources


  • ef1j - Art1, Olivettize, and other code tools and projects


  • @ef1j95 - TTYs, micros, printers, creative coding, conservation, hacking
  • @OlivettiTTY- Tweeting teleprinter that punches special messages to punch tape
  • #ttytwitter - Teleprinter Twitter
  • #plottertwitter - Plotter artists and hackers

Videos and streams

  • Twitch - Occasional IRL teleprinter stream, twitch.tv/ef1j
  • Youtube - Archived microcomputer and TTY videos

Other useful and interesting sites


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