A collection of projects with the aim of restoring, running, and repairing microcomputers and related machines from the 1970's and 80's.

Posting recent work on Twitter -- @ef1j95

Restoration and repair projects

Using Art1 - My exploration of Richard Williams' Art1 and computer art by Frederick Hammersley (2021-)

Olivetti TE-318 - Documenting the restoration and operation of an Olivetti TE-318 teleprinter (2018-2021)

Retroborkenwerk - My original Google Site covering the IMSAI 8080, Sol-20, disk imaging, and other microcomputer projects and repairs (2016-2019)

Thoughts on Restoration - My objectives when restoring older machines (2018-2020)

Materials and Conservation - Notes on materials conservation (2020-)



@ef1j95 - Restoring and running vintage tech from the 70's and 80's
@OlivettiTTY - Tweeting teleprinter that punches special messages to punch tape
#ttytwitter - Teleprinter Twitter
#plottertwitter - Plotter artists and hackers

Videos and streams

Twitch - Occasional IRL teleprinter stream, twitch.tv/ef1j
Youtube - Archived microcomputer and TTY videos

Other useful sites

github.com/hughpyle/ASR33 - modern paper punch utilities, linux kernel hacks, etc., etc.
Dave Dunfield's Disk/Software Image Archive - ImageDisk and legacy boot disks
Obsolescence Guaranteed - PiDP-11 miniature recreation of the PDP-11/70
SIMH 3.X - implements simulators for DEC PDP, IBM 1401, Data General Nova, ...
TUHS.org - The Unix Heritage Society
Computer History Wiki - SIMH tutorials and more
DECuser Blog - Explorations in Unix V6 and V7
deramp.com - S-100 and CP/M resources, boot disks, Virtual Sector Generator, ...
bitsavers.org - archives of software, computing, communications, components, ...
Mahoney's Unix history - An oral history of Unix
John Monahan's site - indispensible S-100 documentation
z80pack - Udo Munk's Z80 / 8080 sim and CP/M tools
Herb Johnson - S-100, CP/M, DEC

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